Application for New Service Connection


  1. The Customer Service Assistant (CSA) interviews applicant for new water service connection. The applicant provides required data and requirements; signs the Application & Contract of Service Form; pays the Application Fee; and sketches the location of the service addres.
  2. The CSA notes down the applicant’s name, address, and other necessary information; and issues official receipt for payment made.
  3. The signed application form and other requirements are forwarded to the Senior Customer Service Officer (SCSO) for verification of documents. Incomplete documents are returned back to the CSA for completion. Once fully accomplished, the application is forwarded to the Estimator/Draftsman.
  4. The Estimator/Draftsman receives the verified application from the SCSO and surveys the service address. He lists the necessary materials, estimates labor costs and other charges, fees and deposit.
  5. The Division Manager of Engineering & Water Resources receives the surveyed application with the estimates and reviews/validates survey conducted prior to recommending approval.
  6. The recommended application is returned to the SCSO for payment of charges, Service Connection Fee and Security Deposit.
  7. The SCSO, upon review, returns the recommended application to the CSA.
  8. The CSA informs the applicant to pay all the charges, fees and deposit and issues official receipt upon payment by applicant.
  9. The Commercial Division Manager submits the paid application and the Contract Service for approval by the General Manager (GM).
  10. The GM reviews, approves and signs the paid application and Contract of Service as new service connection for implementation.
  11. The approved application is returned to the Commercial Division Manager for proper recording/encoding and issues job/work order to the Construction & Maintenance Division for the installation and tapping of the water meter and service pipe connection.
  12. The Construction & Maintenance Division Manager receives and schedules the job/work order for the installation of the new service connection and submits its report to the Commercial Division upon completion.


  1. The applicant must submit two (2) photocopies of the Lot Title or Tax Declaration (in the absence of Lot Title) if applicant owns the property; or Special Power of Attorney/Authorization from the lot owner if applicant is not the owner of the property.
  2. For commercial/industrial establishments, the applicant must submit a photocopy of the Contract Lease and Business Permit
  3. For non-property owner of those residing along the shoreline/salvage zone or within the Philippine National Railways property, the applicant must provide a copy of a Barangay Clearance or from the government agency concerned showing proof of rights/authority to use property.
  4. The applicant must attend a briefing prior to the installation of the water service connection informing applicant of his/her rights, obligations and responsibilities to the Metro San Fernando Water District (La Union).