When established in 1924, the La Union water supply system was owned and managed by the Provincial Government and served only the municipality of San Fernando, the provincial capital. In 1955, however, the system was placed under the National Waterworks and Sewerafe Authority (currently Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System) which managed then Provincial Waterworks Systems. In 1974, the municipality of San Juan became part of the system.

While the MWSS continued to manage the waterworks system the Provincial Board of La Union passed Resolution No. 353 on September 5, 1974 forming the La Union Water District (LUWD) in response to Presidential Decree No. 198. The formation of the district was prompted by the need for adequate supply and the improvement and expansion of the existing water system. Moreover, the local officials recognized the role of water district in providing sufficient, safe and potable water supply. The LUWD was thus established to include not only San Fernando and San Juan but also the contagious municipalities of San Gabriel, Bauang and Bacnotan. These municipalities concurred with the formation of the water district through separate resolutions issued by their respective local government.

On April 28, 1975, the Provincial Board passed Resolution No. 86 negotiating the transfer of all MWSS facilities to the Provincial Government and eventualy to the LUWD. This resolution took effect with the signing of a turnover agreement of the water system to LUWD on April 30, 1975.

The Provincial Board Passed Resolution No. 1 on February 5, 1975 appropriating Php70,000.00 as La Union’s counterpart fund for the water supply feasibility studies for LUWD. With this appropriation, the LUWD has complied with the minimum requirements of LWUA’s certification program.

Resolution No. 353 was officially filed with LWUA on February 13, 1975. On April 28, 1975, LWUA awarded the Conditional Certificate of Conformance (CCC)to the LUWD in recognition of its efforts and commitment to improve the public water service. The CCC entitled the LUWD to all rights and privileges authorized under Presidential Decree No. 198.

In 1990, the Board of Directors of the District passed Board Resoution No. 058-90 dated November 27, 1990 to include the word “Metro” in the name of the district making it Metro La Union Water District (MLUWD) purposely to signify its coverage area which was composed of the towns/municipalities located within the central area of La Union.

At present, the MLUWD coverage are is composed of four (4) towns/municipalities and one (1) city located within the central area of La Union namely, the municipalities/towns of San Gabriel, Bacnotan, San Juan and Bauang and the City of San Fernando. The MLUWD is serving 8,165 active connections and aiming to increase its customers in the years to come.

With its vision and mission, the district strive hard to attain its goals to the best interest of the public and utmost benefits of its customers. The district now prioritizing projects on source and supply development to enhance and improve its production and services thereby preparing future expansion projects.