No. MSF Water District is a government owned and controlled corporation created under Presidential Decree 198, as amended.

Yes. A penalty equivalent to 10% of water bill is charged if the account   remains unpaid after due date which is usually 13 days after the reading.

Yes. Just state the name of the account owner when paying your water bill to the Teller or ask from the Customer Care Unit for the account number.

A written request for temporary closure of account must be submitted to the office stating the reason of temporary disconnection. Water Management Clustering team will be visiting your area to temporary disconnect your  account using tampered seal. Please be informed that your account will still be subjected to reading for any water consumption after the last billing period.

Yes. A fixed penalty of PHP 4,000.00 is charged to the account if found out that it was illegally re-opened.

A finder’s fee/tipster’s fee equivalent to fifty percent (50%) of the paid    penalty shall be given to the concerned individual (customer or employee) who made the report; Thirty percent (30%) incentive from the paid penalty shall be given to the apprehending team; Twenty percent (20%) incentive from the paid penalty shall be equally shared by all employees (permanent, temporary and job order) of the District which shall be released at the end of the calendar year. Release of incentive shall be done after full payment of the penalty by the customer. Incentive shall not be awarded if requirements below are not done or provided:

  1. All reports and apprehensions of illegal connections shall be supported by documented evidence such as pictures and/or video material showing the location and vicinity/surroundings and the nature of violation.
  2. For illegal connections in residential areas, all apprehensions must be witnessed by the person who did the illegal connection and/or his authorized representative who is an occupant of the house and of legal age. In the case of accounts located within subdivisions and the registered customer and/or any member of the household are not around, the apprehension must be witnessed by any member of the homeowners association, administrative office or security agency.
  3. For illegal connections in commercial areas, offices, or construction sites, all apprehensions must be witnessed by the person who did the illegal connection and/or his immediate supervisor, co-worker or authorized representative of the establishment, office, or company he works for.
  4. Apprehensions must likewise be witnessed by a barangay official and/or police officer and a corresponding barangay and/or police blotter must be obtained by the apprehending personnel.