The provincial Board of la union passed a resolution No. 353 on September 5, 1974 forming the La Union Water District (LUWD) pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 198, covering the capital city of San Fernando and the municipality of San Juan. On April28, 1975, the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) awarded the Conditional Certificate of  Conformance No. 016 (CCC no. 16) to LUWD in recognition of its efforts and commitment to improve the water supply services within the franchise area. The formation of LUWD was prompted by the need for the adequate supply and improvement and expansion of the existing water supply system.

However, realizing the need for further expanding LUWD’s service area, the municipalities of Bacnotan, San Gabriel, an Bauang were included in the service area of LUWD. In 1990, the Board of Disrectos of LUWD passed Board Resolution No. 058-90 to include the word “Metro” in the title of the water district, or “Metro La Union Water District, (MLUWD) purposively to indicate its coverage area.

The MLUWD was renamed Metro San Fernando Water District (MSFWD) by virtue of Board resolution No. 033-11 dated August 09, 2011.